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A new era of trust – Cities endorse validated project references has begun working with cities to recognize independently validated project references, meaning that over the coming months they will take part in a 6-step process leading from endorsing the practice to making it a condition for procurement.

Independent validation of project references is a tool enabling solution providers to guarantee that information about their track record is accurate, not manipulated, and has persons with no conflict of interest vouching for the accuracy of the information.

To deliver this result, has implemented a new online service by which providers can build their own certification community, drawing on stakeholders such as users, customers, partners and regulators with first-hand knowledge of projects to validate facts.

Cities can adopt validation at no cost and is available to support you in all stages of the process.

If you are interested in helping your city working with more accurate information and thereby enabling more innovative, accountable and accessible procurement for all, get in touch and we will provide you all necessary support.

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