Citymart is excited to announce its new Request for Information (RFI) generator to help procurement professionals and city officials develop better RFIs for any type of service or product. Our new feature provides a complete RFI document built on Citymart's deep market intelligence and best practices distilled from working with over 100 leading cities like Boston, Norfolk,  New York City, and Dublin.

The RFI generator is a feature of Citymart BidSpark and the integrated Opportunity Builder, which helps anyone in municipal government design better procurements that receive more and better bids. By generating reliably excellent RFIs, Citymart eliminates another barrier for innovation in public procurement. 

RFIs matter because they connect governments to the ideas and experience of more innovative and diverse vendors. Most procurement experts encourage a much wider use of RFIs to help them quickly get a better picture of new products and services, market capabilities, and insights into new financing models. With Citymart, cities have found that on average 80% of the solutions submitted to an RFI were previously unknown to the city, constituting an amazing resource for producing better procurement outcomes.

The RFI generator takes the burden and uncertainty out of preparing the required documentation by offering a one-click request. It also complements Citymart's Solutions Explorer which lets users get a real-time preview of vendors and solutions in the market. With Citymart BidSpark, it will only take one click to engage these thousands of diverse and innovative vendors in the RFI process.

Cities can try their first BidSpark on any procurement for free - get started today!

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