The City and County of Denver, CO is seeking contractors that can provide professional services to assist in the planning, development, operation and execution of Denver Smart City projects. This includes a range of technology development and deployment, data analysis, and strategic development and planning that focus on sustainability, mobility, access, resilience, and transparency.

The on-call expertise sought is within three disciplines: Information & Communication Technology, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Business Intelligence. The City intends to enter into contracts with multiple businesses through this RFP with the ultimate goal of creating innovative solutions to the challenges that confront residents every day.

Please submit questions by November 21st. A letter of intent to apply is due by December 7th. The final proposal submission deadline is on January 21, 2019 at 11:59 PM MST.

Please direct questions to Access the RFP below either through BidNet or by downloading the documents directly. 

Download the RFPAccess on BidNet



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