The Procurement

"Traffic Signs Cleaning & Asset GPS Survey Services"

Dublin City Council, Dublin, Ireland
Dublin City Council wanted proposals from vendors to survey and clean Dublin's traffic signs. While the council invited submissions from any competent provider, it was particularly interested in vendors who could introduce smart city technologies to increase efficiencies in collecting and analyzing survey data.

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Opened: December 18th, 2018
 Closed: February 7th, 2019

The BidSpark Difference

Categories Found
  • Traditional Surveyors
  • Smart Surveying Technology
  • Outdoor, Industrial, and Commercial Cleaners
  • Contract Cleaners
# Vendors in BidSpark Database  153
# Verified Planholders *  44

* Vendor who accessed Dublin's tender page through invitation from BidSpark


Key Takeaways

Dublin's Smart Surveying and Cleaning tender confronted the market with a  difficult task; it called for expertise across two very different industries, surveying, and cleaning. Despite this, the City Council was able to attract twice the expected number of submissions by clearly articulating their unique needs and working with Citymart BidSpark to promote vendor collaboration.

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