The Pitch

Santa Monica, California wants to ensure that their local economy thrives indefinitely. The City has identified three areas - work, transportation, and retail - that will be fundamentally transformed by ongoing economic and technological trends. Now, they are looking for partners to co-create a holistic strategy that plans for a future economy while addressing its disruptive effects.

The City is inviting teams to submit proposals to help tackle this challenge. Winning partners will co-lead the project with Santa Monica and will have the opportunity to share in both the costs and products of the strategy.

Who should apply?

An ideal partner represents interdisciplinary fields with access to people and information across sectors. If that’s not you - that is okay! As long as you have an idea and some expertise, you are encouraged to apply. There will be opportunities to team up with other submitters during the application process.

What’s next?

Final submissions are due on March 8th, 2019. For additional instruction on how to participate, and more information on the project, please access the solicitation packet below.

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For questions about the challenge, please reach out to Julie Wedig at



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