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Citymart, a New York-based civic technology company with a global reach, has launched an online platform. Hundreds of city staff around the world are already using the platform, which provides global market intelligence to help city staff design and procure better public services.

Citymart is pursuing an urgent challenge in the way city halls deliver services: today, a new urban solution proven to be effective and affordable in one city will take more than 40 years to reach just 1% of other cities. With any given city providing more than 800 public services on average, communities often receive services that are outdated by decades. By providing city employees with unlimited, comprehensive insights about what is possible, Citymart delivers unprecedented intelligence paired with best practice workflows at scale.

Since 2011, Citymart has worked with more than 100 cities in 30 countries, establishing problem-solving procurement methods across the globe. Through this work, Citymart has built the world’s leading repository of solutions for cities – more than 17,000 – in areas like urban lighting, traffic safety, adult social care, energy, economic development and inclusion, public health, education, civic engagement, and disability.

Citymart launched the online platform to give public servants in cities everywhere unparalleled access to market insights, critical problem data, and peers with relevant experience across the globe. In the platform’s first 5 months of operation, cities have already worked on more than 1,000 problems, projects, and ideas spanning almost all urban service domains. Users have included city managers and frontline practitioners alike, as well as community organizations and universities.

The Citymart platform revolutionizes the way cities frame needs, complete procurement, and improve service delivery. Citymart’s world-class team of experts provides support along the way.

  • Market Intelligence: Access related projects across city departments and city halls around the world, and get inspired by new approaches and possible solutions
  • Project Inventory: Capture city projects in minutes using best practice workflows – then share and connect them to related projects across departments
  • Firsthand Insights: Connect to city government peers with relevant experience in related projects anywhere
  • Market Engagement: Supercharge market engagement for an RFx, tender, or challenge to reach new and more diverse vendor groups - often increasing bid submissions by a factor of 10 or more

The City of Austin, TX was one of the first cities to join the new platform. Austin utilized the platform to run a 14-day internal campaign, challenging municipal employees and city partners to explore how emerging autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies could transform city services. The campaign educated more than 2,000 city staff about AVs and brought 175 municipal employees from 12 departments and local partners to the platform, including everyone from workers on the ground to city leaders.

Employees from all levels of government collaborated to develop 75 projects. Rob Spillar, Austin’s Director of Transportation, shared that the process was deeply inspiring and motivating to all: it demonstrated that powerful ideas and engaged teams can come from anywhere in city hall, across departments and seniority.

Some of the cities already using the Citymart platform alongside Austin are:

  • Dublin
  • Philadelphia
  • Bradford
  • Long Beach
  • São Paulo
  • Nashville
  • Dallas
  • Athens

A new group of innovative cities will join the Citymart platform in the coming months. To learn more and join the platform, visit the Citymart site and request a demo of the Citymart platform.

Citymart is supported to achieve our vision by some of the world’s leading impact investors and partners, including Nordic Impact, Omidyar Network, Nesta, Urban Us, EDVenture, Bloomberg Philanthropies, 100 Resilient Cities, Knight Foundation, and Ashoka.



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