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If you're a vendor, urban innovator, or have a solution that makes cities better, we invite you to join Citymart, the world's largest directory of solutions for city governments. Citymart helps cities procure and deliver better urban services by providing city officials with access to solutions, insights, and peers. 

More than one hundred cities have used Citymart—including New York City, Dublin, London, Bradford, Paris, Philadelphia, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Melbourne and Fukuoka—to design and procure better city services and connect to thousands of solutions. In fact, 80% of all global problem-based procurements by cities have been run through Citymart. 

Today, municipalities are planning more than 1,000 projects on Citymart in areas like transportation, technology, health, social and economic development, education, and civic engagement. These projects will lead to procurements or regulatory actions that create opportunities for innovators like you, as they have for companies like Socrata, Connecthings, Paradox Engineering and Worldsensing, who won breakthrough deals through Citymart procurements.

In the coming months, Citymart will significantly extend its uniquely useful directory of products and solutions. We are inviting you as an urban innovator to provide us with updated initial descriptions of your offerings, which we will analyze to then follow up for further details.

City users will experience information about your solutions in a variety of ways, embedded into the tools we provide them to design, develop and procure projects. The information you provide can therefore inspire new thinking - and new opportunities down the line.

There will be no charge, directly or indirectly, for these listings, nor fees or commissions of any kind to expose your offerings. Cities subscribe to Citymart to gain the most complete and relevant insights to take smarter decisions. To join the directory of more than 17,000 solutions, simply fill out this form.

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