Melbourne received over 100 submissions for its transport challenge. What can your city do with Citymart?

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Transport congestion is a challenge for almost all major cities experiencing rapid growth; in turn, longer commutes have significant implications on social connectivity. As Australia’s fastest growing city, Melbourne experiences both transport congestion and social isolation as chronic stresses.

To address this, Resilient Melbourne asked: How might we reduce transport congestion while also making the experience of travelling more socially fulfilling?

Citymart was proud to partner with Resilient Melbourne and the City of Melbourne’s Smart City Office to deliver a global innovation challenge in 2017, which sought creative and feasible proposals to address these issues. The city recognized the potential of sourcing solutions to simultaneously tackle the chronic stresses of transport congestion and social isolation, which are too often dealt with independently. The resulting Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge was developed with the Citymart BidSpark methodology.  

The Challenge received more than 100 submissions from across Australia and around the globe, including from the USA, India and Europe. The Challenge called for creative, feasible, and scalable ideas to address transport concerns. Proposed solutions involved a range of ideas, including ride sharing, user insights, reward systems, social well-being zones located within public transport precincts, and innovation in transport technologies.

The joint winners of the Challenge were Freewheeler and Joinwheels, both of which are smartphone apps that encourage people to change how they travel. Freewheeler uses mobile technology to automatically track commutes and reward healthy travel choices. Joinwheels is a peer-to-peer e-hailing app that encourages like-minded passengers with similar routes and destinations to find and connect with co-travellers. Citymart worked with the Smart City Office to promote the two winners and their solutions after their selection. 

Resilient Melbourne highlighted the organization's work with Citymart in their 2017-2018 Annual Report which can be downloaded here

"The Citymart Challenge has been a very important milestone in our journey, while also making a difference towards reducing traffic congestion in Melbourne. Winning this award was absolutely an honour." - Mayank Shukla, Founder, JoinWheels

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