“I'd encourage any company to work with government”, says Marshall Hughes, the founder & CEO of Passel, a consumer transportation start-up on their experience in bidding for and winning their first-ever government contract in Dublin, Ireland.

In his eyes, Dublin deserves this commendation for four reasons:

  • Their invitation to bid matched what Passel does

  • The RFP material was easy to understand

  • The bidding requirements were clear and logical

  • The Dublin team was have gone above and beyond to make this as easy as possible

All the above should be attainable for any government. But in addition to good procedures, Dublin cultivated a mindset of reaching into new vendor pools and attracting the best talent. This procurement was designed to be a delightful experience for the vendor, as well as deliver on the city requirements. Dublin’s team held itself to a high standard and delivered.

Citymart has consistently found that Marshall's four criteria will consistently deliver not just happy vendors, but better outcomes and an overall positive reputation of the city in the business community - even among those who did not bid, or didn’t win.

Why this matters?

Cities rely on the best businesses to bid for contracts to deliver the best results for residents. Small companies generate more jobs and diversify our economies. And companies like Passel influence many peers, investors and feature in media and can therefore spread a reputation quickly. They help create your reputation and brand which in turn influences investment, job creation and the uptake of support programs for small business.

Dublin, like dozens of the best-run cities, chose Citymart BidSpark to achieve this outstanding result, delivering the invitation to Passel, recruiting their bid and tracking valuable feedback to stay on the path of excellent vendor experience.

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