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Can we procure a better world, please?

Why Public Procurement Matters to all of us

PODCAST: Aaron M. Renn talks to Citymart about reinventing city procurement

Your deadline? A secret message to the entrepreneur

Fast-tracking social innovation, too.

How to Open $500bn of City Spending to Small Business

What makes these three procurements innovative?

"Don't Tell me More, We're Not Interested". Why these words are deadly for a Start-up - and for your City.

How Commissioning Adds Magic to UK Procurement. Part 2.

What can we learn from UK Local Government Procurement? Part 1.

Why you should read Santa Monica's Future Economy RFP

Why Procurement Innovation Taught Us to Stack the Cards for Small Business.

Pitch Your Procurement Like Your Future Depends on It

Would small business rate you A+?

Ever tried to sell to your city?

3 Ways to Engage More Small Businesses Through Procurement

What is the Value of An Extra Bid in Public Procurement?

How Melbourne Found Two Innovative Solutions to Tackle Congestion

How Citymart's Data Helps Cities Rethink their Approaches to Procurement

Citymart Partners with 100 Resilient Cities to Offer Opportunity Builder Platform to Network Members

Announcing Citymart’s Request For Information (RFI) Generator

How Long Beach Prototyped A Park Using Citymart

4 Key Lessons for Cities to Improve Public Procurement

Why Resilient Cities Procure Better

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